___Welcome to Taperwire...the ORIGINAL adhesive flat wire!. Since 1991, Taperwire has been the only original adhesive backed, flat wire OEM/ODM manufacturer. The initial concept designs by Ron Fuller date back to 1987. Our flat wire is manufactured & private labeled for customers such as Acoustic Research, Anixter, Audiovox, Axiom Audio, Cables to Go, McMaster-Carr & Walt Disney Imagineering. Our flat wire models are designed to revolutionize, simplify & enhance your ability to have a professional appearance to all wiring applications.
___We manufacture micro flat, adhesive backed, flat wire to make installations fast & easy with a professional appearance. Taperwire is an ultra-thin, flat wire with an adhesive backing that is flexible & easy to install. All of our flat wire models can easily hide under paint, wallpaper, spackle, flooring, wallboards, moldings & cement. Taperwire is available in 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 AWG Speaker/Audio models, Telephone/Security models, RG179U Miniature Video Coax models, CAT5/6 Data models, Star Quad/Balance Audio models, & the new HDMI flat wire models.
___Taperwire has been providing low voltage, flat wire products & services since 1991. Millions of feet of Taperwire are installed in public, private & government institutions both domestic & internationally. Our adhesive backed, flat wire is a unique solution to any wiring application where stealth & aesthetics are desired. We offer the following custom services:

• OEM/ODM Manufacturing
• Custom Packaging Solutions
• Private Brand Naming & Labeling
• Custom Design & Proprietary Wire Models
• Domestic & Inernatonal Distributorships/Dealerships Available.

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...the ORIGINAL adhesive flat wire